The GLOSSII DOG journey started in summer 2021 when we were searching for some new beauty products for our gorgeous Westie, Fleur.💕 As we researched everything doggo, we came across an article about how many pets had been purchased in the UK since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3.2 MILLION in only 1 year!

Here are some other facts we found:

  • In a survey undertaken by the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes, nearly half of 142 UK rescue organisations have reported an income drop of more than 50%.
  • A study by Battersea Dog And Cats’ Home found 19% of owners regret their decision to acquire a dog or cat, mainly because of costs, demands on their time and behavior of their pet.
  • Shockingly 20% of pet owners said they had not fully considered the long-term implications, such as how they would look after the puppy when they returned to work and 15% admitted that in hindsight it was a mistake.

It goes without saying, we didn't find the inspiring, delicious natural grooming products we were looking for and we were left heart broken reading about how many of these dogs bought by UK owners had already been given up for rehoming, or in the saddest cases had been abandoned. 

So we decided we could do something about both of these challenges 💥 

We went about designing a range of new doggy beauty products which we (and our FURiend's) WANTED to use. Made with natural ingredients to be kind to our sensitive westie's easily irritated skin type (and the planet 💚) But we also wanted HIGH PERFORMANCE, brighter white, super shiny and delicious, soft & natural scents; and of course beautiful packaging which looked great in our family bathroom! 💕

Our aim was and still is, to use this new brand to drive awareness of the ongoing PAN-DOG-MIC crisis and share our profits with the UK organisations dedicating themselves to finding, rescuing, caring for and rehoming these innocent puppies and dogs. 

5% of these animals have already been given up (160,000!) with research suggesting new owners hadn't thought about what would happen with the new addition to the household after lockdown, or finding caring for a pet too challenging or costly. 

There is of course some good news to come of this surge in UK households purchasing new pets in 2020/21 🙌 On the positive side, 74% said their pet had helped their mental health while they were coping with coronavirus curbs. We LOVE to hear this! 

Every GLOSSII DOG purchase helps a dog in need. 

Love, Sarah @ GLOSSII.